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Netsuki (寝付 ) is mugensou's player character. He lives alone in a small apartment in an unnamed city. He appears to be wearing a suit, red-rimmed glasses, and has long unkempt black hair. The user controls him as he explores his dreams.

No information is given about his identity, whereabouts, or his past. Only by exploring the Dream World can the player uncover the various facets of his personality and situation through interpreting the scenes and events that unfold. Throughout the game he never speaks, except for small snippets such as "iie" (no), "ikenai" (it's no use), and other negative responses.

Design Edit

Netsuki's sprite is essentially a palette swap of Madotsuki, retaining her sprite's dimensions. A pair of inset lines on the legs indicate that he is wearing pants. While glasses were always planned for him, the red rims were added to ensure that the glasses could be seen and not interpreted as the shape of the eyes on his sprite.

It was decided that Netsuki would be male early on in design. The developer considered that many Yume Nikki fangames starred female protagonists, and decided to make Netsuki male in an attempt to both further mugensou's dynamic from the others, as well as give a different viewpoint to the formula. While his age is indeterminate, the fact that he's wearing a suit lends itself to the idea that he's at least college-aged.

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