Stay Asleep, Lay Awake, Either Way, You Escape...

Welcome to the Wiki and Devblog for the Yume Nikki fangame mugensou, in development by first-time game designer Zakuu Soft.

Mugensou is, in vein with its inspiration, a 32-bit dream-based adventure game starring the player character Netsuki.
You can help expand coverage during development by adding example game content from version releases.
Feel free to add your own Theories and Impressions on the Fan Pages as the game is released.


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DevBlog - 9-1-11
Yes, I've been delayed thanks to my work. Well, work and general first-time game-design maladies. And no, Ten Desires' release doesn't hold all the blame, only some of it. Who would have thought that making a game from scratch alone would be difficult? In any event, I haven't got it up-and-running yet, so for now I'm going to make my monthly blog post about progress and divulge a few more design notes. ...Read on.

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