July 18th, 2011

Hello and welcome:

After some planning and brain storming, I've finally decided to start my first game project, mugensou. In order to document and distribute the game, I've begun making this wikia. The inspiration to start this project came out of the blue, and knowing me, I had to make sure I actually did something with that inspiration. Just a bit about me: I've got a bachelors in graphic design, I'm obviously a gamer, and I've got high hopes of finishing this project. After this is over, I was also thinking of making a Touhou fan danmaku, but the coding for this will be much easier.


So a bit on this project. I've currently got 10 primary worlds planned, with several sub-worlds hidden in each one, criss-crossing between them. One of the things I'm going to do with each stage is try to make them feel more alive than the stages in Yume Nikki. Using multiple layers, moving objects, random and time events, I hope to make the various dream worlds more active and random. I also plan on creating small, several-seconds-long movies to play the first time the player enters most areas.

Themes will include both the terrifying and the fantastical, areas and objects based off of recurrent dream stimuli, psychological aspects, and just random stuff I come up with. I'm making it a point to leave many aspects open and interpretative and not give the game any true plot aspects other than you are Netsuki, and you're in his dreams. I'm also making sure not to use cliched gore and shock imagery.

I hope to make the first release within a month, but no promises. The first release, Version 0.07, will not cover much of the game. After this, it's up in the air as to what I will release. The earliest release I'd be willing to make after 0.07 is Version 0.40, which would include access to the 10 primary worlds, but most likely not the Effects. After that...well, we'll see. According to my plans, it might not be until around Version 0.90 that the third release will be. In any event, at that point the game would be released as fully playable.

The Wikia

I plan on updating the wikia with information on the game regularly. For the rest of the night, I'll be creating content to polish up the pages. I don't particularly expect much traffic this early, but I liked having a third-party way to record this information.

I'll be creating a logo for the top of the page, buttons for the Content section, cropped screenshots in the various in-game pages, and do some general formatting. I'll be listing a link to this wiki on the Yume Nikki and Yume Nikki Fan Games wikias.

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- Zakuu Soft Lead Anonymous

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